Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon Experience

November 28th, 2007 | by Tonny Kohar |

Finally, I received my Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon DVD plus 5 DVD of Ubuntu 7.10 Repo for local installation. This 5xDVD Ubuntu Repo could save my time downloading all the required package 🙂 (Internet Connection is still slow in my area)


Installation was easy, basically just follow the wizard, *attention* during partition part, because I was using Linux since ~5 years ago, so I already have my own separate home partition. However, after install finish and run ubuntu, I could not login, it throw some error regarding xsession and going back to the login screen. It seem Ubuntu does not like my home folder which contains various settings from Fedora Core 6 eg: .gtk .gnome, etc. Just press ctrl-alt-F2 delete those settings, ctl-alt-F7 login again, now everything is running. Lesson learned: Ubuntu Gnome does not like my existing Fedora Core Gnome.

Now using the 5xDVD Ubuntu Repo, install my commonly used application and driver: nvidia driver, codecs for movie and songs, some applications, etc. So far so good, everything run and configured properly.


Now it is time to test the hyped Compiz. The first time I enable compiz System – Preferences – Appearance, all the Application Window / Border is gone. The funny things, I thought it is the feature of compiz 🙂 , so I just play with the Desktop, etc to see how Compiz work and wondering what is so special about compiz if I could not move the Window (the Window border / frame is gone), looks like a funny ways of Desktop Metaphor. But other than that everything is look nice, translucent, wobbly (not like it), etc.

After looking at some forums, it turns out Compiz should have Window Border, so it configuration errors, not Compiz feature 🙂 . The fix is easy just install Compiz Config Settings Manager (ccsm) and enable the Window Decoration plugins. I also test emerald, but not like it and uninstalled and use the gtk-window-decorator instead.

Ubuntu and Java

As I said previously I work in Java environment and use Fedora Core. Now it is time to install java on Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon. In Fedora, I usually use the tar.gz (non rpm) Java from Sun Site and installed it under /opt/jdk-xxx. In this Ubuntu I also try the same, and set it up with update-alternatives. Seems everything works correctly, unfortunately the java plugins for firefox is not working, I try different combination of symbolic link in

  • /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins
  • /usr/lib/mozzilla-firefox/plugins
  • /usr/lib/firefox/plugins
  • and play with value in /etc/jvm, bashrc, bash_profile, etc

none of the above are working. The java plugins still not recognized by firefox.

So instead of fighting with Ubuntu regarding java and jdk path, finally I decided to just follow the Ubuntu guidelines by using the supplied package sun-java5-xxx and sun-java6-xxx. Now everything is configured correctly and Java / JDK run smoothly along with Netbeans 6 RC1.

Now going back to work, when I have time, I think I will investigate why this Java / JDK path cannot work correctly if using manual installation.


I will be going to use this Ubuntu installation day by day till Ubuntu 8.04 LTS or maybe going back to Fedora Core 9 or 10, haven’t decided yet.

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  2. By Attila on Mar 24, 2008 | Reply


    What did you mean saying ‘just follow the Ubuntu guidelines by using the supplied package sun-java5-xxx and sun-java6-xxx.’
    I have been trying to make it work for long. A have done the same link combination too. NO banana.
    Can u tell me where is that guideline and the packages?

    Thanks a lot, AD

  3. By Tonny Kohar on Mar 25, 2008 | Reply


    What I mean is to use “apt get” to install Java into the Ubuntu, rather than using various technique and shell script to link to the Java and Java Path.

    For Java 1.6 just call
    – apt get sun-java6-bin sun-java6-jdk sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugins
    – other java6 package as you need eg: doc, source, demo, etc

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